Brimstone Tales.

“She told the stories that she had heard in whispers that slipped between worlds.”

Everybody is a book of blood.
Wherever we’re opened, we’re red.


After devouring the Books of Blood in days, Jade A. began writing her own stories in 2007. Brimstone Tales is her collection of horror and absurd fiction over the years.

As a self-confessed pop culture native, Jade also writes about movies, books and music on The Ü.

Short Stories

The Desert’s Dreamers

The drifters march on in the vast desert, only knowing the purpose they were born for.

Of Smoke and Mirrors

It is said that there are at least seven other people in this world who look like you.

The Lonely Hunter

Aina goes back in time to fix a blip that has haunted her for years.

Blood Moon Rising

A prisoner’s confessions to his crimes lead to that of another.

This City’s Bridge

Have you been to the wooden bridge in the middle of our city?

Ghost of Days Gone By

Katy finds herself in need of a new life – away from her grieving husband.

The Ratconteur

So goes the absurd conversation between an unwitting man and his unusual tenant.

Devil’s Waiting

An unholy accord grants Arete rule over the city of Vouna – at a cost.


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