City of Ghosts

Light streamed in from the windows as morning greeted. Shelly woke up to the heavy sound of silence. Grey skies in her mind played contrast to the sky blue ceiling in the room, empty save for the bed that she laid on and a vase of withered flowers. It seemed like such a long time… Continue reading City of Ghosts


Jason watched the leaves scatter from his windshield, his mind absent. Minutes passed before he pushed a cassette mix tape into the radio. The deafening volume ripped through the speakers. He sped along the dark empty road, his silence ill at ease against the loud music. Taking a last swig of stale beer, he threw… Continue reading Roadkill

A Night Train to Nowhere

The announcer recites each station’s name with arrogant monotony. In the darkness, she wakes from light sleep, in time for the sound of the train doors closing. She listens, waiting for the familiar hissing noise before the machinery begins to tremble again. Stones on the track grate against the wheels beneath her. She shifts in… Continue reading A Night Train to Nowhere